Making Yachting Simpler

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    IT Tack is a cutting edge technology company helping the yachting industry to develop better and more advanced electronics and IT systems.

    Most of us in the company are both dedicated engineers and keen boaters which enables us to understand and lead the development of the industry.  Read more →

  • What We Do

    Apart from - behind the scenes - helping other companies in the yachting industry to develop advanced system, we also create and bring to market our own innovative systems.

    Embedded systems, mobile computing and internet enabled applications is our forte. Please contact us to learn more.  Contact Us →

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MyAnchorWatch - The first ever and still market leading anchor watch for mobile phones.

By using the smartphone - which anyhow is next to the bed during the night - and its build in GPS, MyAnchorWatch ensures that there is no need to be worried about not realising that the boat is dragging.

MyAnchorWatch has brought calm and relaxed sleep to even the most cautious and carefull captain!

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Keeping a logbook should be fun and why not at the same time interact and communicate with friends, relatives and the world!

Why manually note down things that the electronics on board already knows?

Why not at the same time easily generate a unique highly customisable website for your boat - filled with live information?

Connect it all together with smartphones, electronic loggers and the web. BoatLogger is born!

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  • Release of BoatLogger

    The full version of has now been relased.

    Read the press release, the 2-page product brief or go to

    December 17

  • Launch of Beta Site

    The Beta version of the BoatLogger website has been launched. Selected yachters are free to test.

    September 24

  • First logger app tested

    The first version of our Android based BoatLogger application has been delivered and the proof of concept is clear.

    We still have fine tuning to do, but the concept is amazing!

    September 1

  • BoatLogger spec takes shape

    During a boaters brainstorming the main lines behind the BoatLogger concept is being defined.

    There is no better way to make a product then to listen to the potential users after outlinign the general idea!

    May 3