Making Yachting Simpler

  • MyAnchorWatch logo

    "My Anchor Watch" uses the GPS on the smartphone to monitor the boat's position. If the boat moves outside of set limits, the program will alert immediately.

    There are no more sleepless nights worrying about weather the boat is dragging or not. By keeping the phone next to the bed a quick glance is enough to geta ssurance that all is ok.

    My Anchor Watch screen shot on BlackBerry Bold.

    If the boat drags out of the predefined areas, it will alert you in any way the user wants. This could be flashing text, sounding alarm, blinking LED or even send an SMS to another phone.

    Swinging at anchor has never been so peaceful before!

    Visit for more information.

  • Release of BoatLogger

    The full version of has now been relased.

    Read the press release, the 2-page product brief or go to

    December 17

  • Launch of Beta Site

    The Beta version of the BoatLogger website has been launched. Selected yachters are free to test.

    September 24

  • First logger app tested

    The first version of our Android based BoatLogger application has been delivered and the proof of concept is clear.

    We still have fine tuning to do, but the concept is amazing!

    September 1

  • BoatLogger spec takes shape

    During a boaters brainstorming the main lines behind the BoatLogger concept is being defined.

    There is no better way to make a product then to listen to the potential users after outlinign the general idea!

    May 3