Making Yachting Simpler

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    BoatLogger is a revolutionary way of ensuring a proper logbook is maintained for the boat, yacht or ship! Most of the information that is jotted down in logbooks is already well known by the electronics on board. In fact, a lot of what is known by the electronics should go into the logbook, but it is too cumbersome to write it down. Thanks to BoatLogger, this is no more the case!

    Any information that is not logged automatically is easily entered via a simple user friendly smartphone app.

    At the same time as solving the old logbook crunch, boatlogger introduces a unique, highly customised website for any yacht! The yacht owner chooses what information to display and can control how it shall look, where to show it an who should be allowed to see it. All without writing any code or needing to know how websites work!

    Visit for more information or watch the introduction below.

A complete yachting solution

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A unique website in a few seconds - only about your boat and life onboard!

Without knowing anything about websites you get a unique site for your boat where the boat position is automatically tracked, photos and commentaries from your boat is uploaded and awell over 20 various "data windows" show a wealth of information

If the predefined site does not suit you, it is easy to tweak and tune what information to show, where to show it, how it should look and who should see it to the finest detail.

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A super feature rich logbook where most information is logged by itself!

By using a free smartphone app, positions and other information is logged automatically. Any extra events are entered by the touch of a few buttons. The information is stored on board as well as send to the site for backup.

Choose to show the logbook or other information to your your friends or the whole world - or perhaps keep the sensitive parts private for yourself - up to you!

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Boat information

A detailed boat information repository tracking all data and information about your boat!

BoatLogger has one of the world most extensive databases of various yacht models. The data for your yacht is there as well - or easily entered.

You can then also track the maintenance, repairs and the documentation for your yacht and its equipment. All information in one place!

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Social Network

Your yacht site can also be your centerpiece for your Social Network.

You decide what you want to show on your site and to whom. Some information is just for you, others is for your friends and perhaps some you want to show everyone?

Also tight interaction with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Blogs – if that’s what you’re using.

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  • Release of BoatLogger

    The full version of has now been relased.

    Read the press release, the 2-page product brief or go to

    December 17

  • Launch of Beta Site

    The Beta version of the BoatLogger website has been launched. Selected yachters are free to test.

    September 24

  • First logger app tested

    The first version of our Android based BoatLogger application has been delivered and the proof of concept is clear.

    We still have fine tuning to do, but the concept is amazing!

    September 1

  • BoatLogger spec takes shape

    During a boaters brainstorming the main lines behind the BoatLogger concept is being defined.

    There is no better way to make a product then to listen to the potential users after outlinign the general idea!

    May 3